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A Week in the Life

 I can't believe I strayed into my journal when I have a Research output to work on, an Excel worksheet to fill up and a video to edit. It's 5:39 PM, Monday. I have Monday afternoons off this semester so I usually go straight home when class ends at 10:30, although today I made a trip to the faculty room and the library for schoolwork.

Last week was probably the worst week of this semester, my college life even. On Sunday I was already dreading the coming week, since we had a midterms retake (I don't know if I'm in the liberty to discuss this), a major exam in Neurology and a Research defense to be anxious, or  rather, to panic about. Monday passed without incident and I did a bit of cramming, and so did Tuesday, although the nerves were starting to get the better of me by Wednesday morning, although we had that morning off so we could study for midterms. That afternoon I was pleasantly surprised about how the exam was far less difficult than I dreaded it to be, but I know I shouldn't be too confident about it. Late Wednesday afternoon meant Research Defense, and although I ruined bits of my speech here and there, my groupmates and I managed to scrape a pass, of which I am very thankful and relieved. Hump Day had passed, and Thursday was the break I needed for all that stress, despite I spent the whole day at school for RLE orientation and classes. On Friday (TGIF!) I had my regular duty at the hospital, and thank goodness the area I was assigned in was not that stressful. By this time the lack of sleep was starting to take its toll.  Saturday morning came and went, and it was the weekend. I took a 3-hour nap that afternoon, and woke up bright and alive.

I realized life's really a matter of perspective. If you view things negatively, that is how they're going to turn out, but if you're optimistic, things will still go all right, even if they really don't. If I am tired and stressed, that is because I choose to be. And even though I could be doing homework than being on my journal, I still won't regret it because I spent this precious time channeling my thoughts into writing and come one day I might return to this post and smile and laugh about the old times when I used to whine about school and complain about requirements without actually doing something about it.

It's 5:52 already, and I couldn't be more ready to face my homework.

This week was a turning point not only in my college life, but for life itself.

And oh here's some Pinto for Pinto's sake lol