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Auf Wiedersehen, Twitter!

I must be the one with the most number of tweets at my college, at 29,474. The far second had some 12,000. 

Two nights ago, I deleted my Twitter account. 

Why? Why would I quit Twitter, which I carefully, even meticulously, nurtured for nearly three years now? 
When I  joined Twitter in April 2009, I was probably one of the first ones from my school to use it. I reached 1,000 tweets four months later, and soon I grew tired of documenting milestones and I just tweeted away whenever I can: at home, in school, from a moving vehicle, from a display at an iStore. It was an addiction and a guilty pleasure.
I would spend most of my time at home in front of the computer, tweeting. But I didn't mind. I loved it. I still managed to pass all my subjects in college and be a normal person.

I made online friends from all around the world based on common interests. I've tweeted with somebody from Canada, the US, Ghana, the UK... the list goes on. I found Twitter very useful. It was like everyone was a tweet away. 

Soon I was joined by many of my college friends and classmates and we began to tweet each other on a daily basis, mostly small talk. My username became known to many of my friends because of my prolific account. I relished it. I took pride in it. 

And then it became a little too much. People started ranting on Twitter on even the littlest of things. They made my timeline their vent. They chose to channel their negative energies into their accounts and bitch away into their accounts and into my timeline. They'd post angry tweets about everything they couldn't say. I admit I've had my share of it, but mostly only about the unpredictable weather, which I thought was funny. But I didn't find theirs as equally amusing. I did not like what I was seeing. 

Simply put, I did not find my Twitter useful anymore. I lost the inspiration. I lost the gumption.

Two nights ago, I deleted my Twitter account. I feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms, but I'll be fine. 

I still have 28 days to change my mind and reactivate my account. Or else, Twitter will permanently delete it.
We'll see.